A dress code has both practical and aesthetic purposes. The study of dance is a physical discipline that requires teacher supervision.  Proper attire in dance class enables the teacher to give corrections regarding body alignment and insures the safety of the dance.  Hair must be kept off the neck and pulled back from the face.  For females, buns are required in all ballet classes. Jewelry, including watches and fitness trackers, may not be worn in class and should be left at home. Any student who does not have proper attire may be asked to observe rather than participate in class.


Females wear black leotard, pink tights, and pink leather or canvas ballet slippers in all ballet classes. All shoes must be preapproved by or purchased through the studio. Girls in creative movement and preballet classes are required to wear tutus after given permission by the teacher. Required tutus are to be purchased through the studio.  Skirts are not worn to be in these classes and leotards with attached skirts are discouraged.  Short ballet skirts or solid black  form fitting dance shorts are allowed at the teacher’s discretion beginning in ballet level 1.  Any sweaters or legwarmers should be removed after warm-up. Boys in creative movement and beginning classes wear black or gray shorts, white fitted t-shirts, white socks, and black leather or canvas ballet shoes.  Black jazz pants are permitted at the discretion of the teacher.  Males in upper level classes wear black tights, white t-shirt, and black shoes.


There is no set dress code for Move & Groove. Some dancers like to wear a leotard and tights but others wear shorts and a t-shirt. Dance shoes or bare feet are fine, but street shoes are not allowed in the dance rooms. Wear what you like, just come ready for fun!


Tap, Jazz, Modern and Lyrical: Females may wear any color  leotard and tan, tights. Solid color leggings or form fitting dance shorts are permitted.    No sweat pants, pajama pants, or loose shorts, or  t-shirts.  Males wear Jazz pants and form fitting t-shirt. Shoes:  Tan slip-on jazz shoes. Tan tap shoes. (Black shoes for males). Lyrical and Modern dance may be taken barefoot or with lyrical sandals, “Foot Undeez”, or similar. Shoes requirements vary by level and must be preapproved by or purchased through the studio.


There is no set dress code for these classes; however, no jeans are allowed, and clothes must not restrict movement. Required shoes for hip hop vary by class level and must be must be preapproved by or purchased through the studio. Street shoes are never allowed on the dance floor.


Cheer: Leotard, or form fitting shirt and black shorts.  White cheer shoes are required and must be preapproved by or purchased through the studio.
AcroDance and Tumbling: Any color leotard with footless or stirrup tights or shorts.  Bare feet.

Dress code requirements for adults vary by class and instructor. Shoes must be preapproved by or purchased through the studio. Generally adults are encouraged to dress in clothes that are easy to move in and allow the instructor to give appropriate corrections.