Creative Movement | Move&Groove | Rhythm’N’ Tap | TumbleBugs

Classes for 3 – 5 year olds

Creative Movement classes are a fun-filled introduction to the world of dance.  While utilizing ballet based vocabulary, many forms of movement and varieties of dance are explored.  Move&Groove is our high energy creative movement class with an upbeat urban flair. This class incorporates jazz dance basics, simple hip hop moves, and tumbling skills. Rhythm’N’Tap uses tap shoes and rhythm instruments to help our youngest dancers feel the beat to optimize learning. TumbleBugs is an intro to AcroDance. Boys will love all of these classes too! Each class is designed to engage the child in a whole body approach to learning.  Dance lessons naturally engage a wide variety of gross and fine motor skills while introducing concepts of musicality, tempo, energy, and level. Language and listening skills are enhanced through a variety of poems, stories, and songs.  Social skills are encouraged by learning to take turns, follow directions, gain an understanding of personal space, and follow the rules of classroom etiquette.  Creative Movement, Move&Groove, Rhythm’N’Tap, and TumbleBugs enhance emotional growth through imaginative exploration and the opportunity to connect with and release emotion through movement.